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Former All Sports employee, Miami Hurricane and current Cleveland Brown wide receiver Andre King will be checking in with from time to time to let us know what he is up to. Andre is currently packing up his Miami home, putting personal belongings in storage and is days away from heading back up to Cleveland for training camp with wife Jessica and new baby daughter Alanna Jaclyn.

I ran into "The King" a few weeks back in Miami and spoke with him on the phone recently. His spirits are up, he's in playing shape, enjoying family life and ready for the upcoming football season. Off to his new home in Cleveland and reunited with former Coach Butch Davis and former Miami teammate James Jackson, 'Dre is doing everything in his power to make the Browns' squad. Running good routes, catching everything thrown his way and just being Andre, the new #18 will make a great addition to that Cleveland roster. Check out what Andre had to say when we spoke earlier.

CB: Andre, thanks for taking the time to chat today. First thing I'm sure everyone wants to know, what has been going on in your life since leaving the University of Miami?

AK: Well I've been doing a lot of babysitting, taking care of the family since I had this new addition and basically going through several of the mini-camps I've had with the Cleveland Browns. Just preparing myself for a long football season because it's more than twelve games now. We got twenty plus games this year counting preseason so I've been getting ready for that.

CB: You were drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the seventh round. After such and impressive showing at the East/West Shrine Game (6 receptions -- including an incredible 51 yarder -- for 199 yards and 1 TD) do you feel you deserved to go in an earlier round?

AK: I thought so. I figured I may have snuck in maybe early on the second day -- early third or fourth rounds -- somewhere in there. But it's one of those things. The draft is fickle. You don't know what's going to happen so you just expect to go somewhere and in the end result just have an opportunity to put on somebody's NFL uniform.

CB: How was the reunion with Coach Butch Davis after his untimely departure from the University of Miami?

AK: It was good. He welcomed us with open arms. Me and JJ (former UM running back James Jackson was taken by Cleveland in the 3rd round) felt the same way. It was good seeing him again and he was joking in the same old way he always did.

I pose the question to everybody when the Coach Davis "situation" comes up in regards to him leaving Miami. If somebody gave you in the real world aspect, a promotion, and a considerable raise of a couple million dollars -- you'd do the same thing. If you look at it in those terms, it's a business and the NFL is a business so he was smart to take it.

CB: How does one unwind and let loose in Cleveland after spending so much time in the tropics -- be it Miami or your hometown Kingston, Jamaica?

AK: Oh man, you can't unwind the same way -- that's for sure. It's a nice small town, blue collared city. You can go check out a couple baseball games -- similar to what I had done in Miami. Basketball games too. But there's no South Beach and no white sand so you just have to make due. So I'll enjoy the football season because that's much of the excitement up there.

CB: How has the birth of your daughter, Alanna Jaclyn, changed your life?

AK: Dramatically. I look at things totally different as far as my career and what's really important. Obviously I want to play for my family to provide and to make their lives better. Just being able to spend time with her and take advantage of that opportunity has been awesome.

CB: What is something you learned while at the University of Miami -- on the field or in the classroom -- that has helped you in the real world thus far?

AK: Coach Davis taught us to be good in all aspects of our lives as far as football, studying, life off the field, character, etc. Character is the one thing he stressed to us down there. Keep doing the same things you'd always do if no one was watching -- as far as summer workouts and going to class. No one is really watching so it is up to you to police yourself and become a better citizen. That is one of the better things I've taken away from the University of Miami that has helped me.

CB: More exciting, hitting a three run homer in the late innings of a tight baseball game or scoring a touchdown to give your team a four point lead in the waning minutes of the fourth quarter? (Editor's Note: Andre was selected in the second round of the 1993 MLB draft by the Atlanta Braves. He played with four major league clubs before retiring in July of 1997 to attend the University of Miami.)

AK: Both! I mean catching that touchdown in that East/West Shrine Game or stepping up in that UCLA game -- that was excitement like I had never felt. But there is also nothing like tagging that ball perfect and not feeling anything come off the bat while that ball sails over the fence. They're both amazing but I don't know which is more exciting than the other. They're pretty close.

CB: What is your most memorable UM big game moment?

AK: UCLA was an awesome game (King had 8 catches for 124 yards.) They came in highly touted and were ready to run over us and head to the Fiesta Bowl to play for the National Championship. We were coming off of that tough loss at Syracuse and knew we had to batten down the hatches and come out playing Hurricane style football, and we did. We pulled the game out. They had a lot of stars over there -- Cade McNown and his crew -- so that was the biggest game of my life down there.

CB: What about your game, style, work ethic or personality is going to earn you a spot on the Cleveland Brown's roster come fall?

AK: I think I can compare my game to Terrell Owens (WR for San Francisco 49ers) -- being a big physical guy who can catch the ball and run. He can do all the things that a good receiver does -- passing that torch from Jerry Rice to him. Those are some of the things I think I bring to my game that will help me help Cleveland.

CB: Describe to the fans Andre King's perfect day?

AK: The perfect day....hmmm. Waking up around 5:00 or 6:00 am to get in some fishing and then get in a good workout from about 7:00 to 8:00 am. Have some breakfast with the family around 9:00 am and then hit the golf course from about 10:00 am till noon. Head over to The Big Cheese in Miami for some good pizza and pasta and stuff. Maybe back home for a nap and then out again to catch a movie and relax.

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