Super Six

We will take a look at Miami's six best players each Monday for the rest of the season. Leading the Week 2 version, of course, is running back Lamar Miller.

This is something new we're going to try. Following each game this season we'll take a look at Miami's six best players. Some weeks this list may not change while other weeks will see lots of changes.

1. Lamar Miller -- The sophomore running back has been outstanding through the first two games of the season. He was probably the best player on the field against Maryland and he was definitely the best player on the field against Ohio State. Miller can get the tough yards inside. He can break the long one. He can catch, he blocks, he returns kicks. You name it, he's been doing it for the Canes.

2. Vaughn Telemaque -- The junior safety is off to a very good start this season. Playing without safety mate Ray Ray Armstrong, Telemaque has done a great job stepping up his game. He's playing behind two new cornerbacks and has been a big factor with that. He's making plays near the line of scrimmage in run support. He's provided a tremendous amount of leadership in the secondary. He came up with a huge pick in the endzone against Maryland. He was a big reason why Ohio State has zero success throwing the ball. He's really stepped up his game and he's not only been Miami's best defensive back through two games, he's been their best defensive player.

3. Brandon Washington -- The junior was an All-ACC pick last season and ended the season as Miami's top offensive lineman. Not bad, considering Orlando Franklin is starting for the Denver Broncos right now. Washington went into the fall as a guard. With Seantrel Henderson out, however, the coaches switched things up. He played a solid game at right tackle against Maryland and then was outstanding at left tackle against Ohio State. He's been a force in the running game, hasn't given up a sack, and has bounced around the offensive line with lots of effectiveness.

4. Micanor Regis -- When the Hurricanes went into Maryland without three of its top defensive linemen because of NCAA suspensions, Regis had to step up. He finished last season as a quality tackle for the Canes and has carried it over to this season. He was solid against Maryland, despite constant double teams. However, when he got Marcus Forston back next to him against Ohio State, he really elevated his game. He ate up blockers so that his linebackers behind him could make a lot of plays in the running game. He doesn't have any tackles behind the line of scrimmage or anything yet but he's been Miami's best defensive linemen after two games.

5. Allen Hurns -- After not catching a single pass as a true freshman last season Hurns has really made a statement after just two games. He was the team's leading receiver in both games and is clearly the second most productive player on Miami's offense right now, behind Miller. He can block, he runs good routes, he can move the chains, he's been good in the red zone, and he's shown the ability to make long plays (see Maryland). It didn't take him long to really start making an impact this season. With the struggles at quarterback through two games, just imagine where this offense would be without Hurns as a security blanket after two games.

6. Sean Spence -- He missed the first game because of a suspension and wow, what a difference he made. That was one of the first things Al Golden talked about after the Ohio State game -- how much they missed Spence in the opener. Sure he makes plays and everything but his leadership skills, his experience, and his ability to make sure his teammates are in the right spot in certain defensive alignments is huge and something the Canes really benefited from against the Buckeyes.

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