Al Golden: K-State postgame comments

Read on to see what Miami coach Al Golden was saying following his team's loss to Kansas State on Saturday.

Opening Statement…
A disappointing end. I thought our kids fought hard and had a chance to win the game. Obviously we did not execute from the two yard line with four shots. That is on us, we have to be able to execute down there. We have to be able to execute it in and we did not. You have to give Kansas State a lot of credit. Collin Klein played tremendously and obviously John Hubert played excellent in the second half. We did not tackle well, we let them convert on third down too many times and it is hard to overcome that. This is a disappointing loss. I thought we fought and were competitive. We never looked out of it. We were fighting back but it was not good enough to win.

On Jacory Harris
He had only one bad throw in the first half and the rest of it was really good. He is improving and we just need one more play. He played a lot better this game. He stood in there, threw it down the field and took a big hit late in the game. I am proud of the way he played. He is a resilient young man and mentally tough to come back and do what he did in the second half. We have to rally around him better.

On the final play…
We had three options and I think he did the right thing. If he is going to run it there we have to score. We had two runs before that, that we need to get in. We had Clive Walford open on the first play and we did not execute and that is unfortunate. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

On the defense…
We knew their game plan coming in. Collin Klien made some tremendous plays. We let them convert too many third downs and that kept them with the ball. We have to stop them to give our offense more opportunities. We did not take the ball away. You have to give Kansas State credit. We had him hemmed up a few times and he had some good plays. Klien was running through tackles. It would be third and forever and we would let them convert. Those are big plays, momentum killers, and we did not stop them in the red zone.

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