Golden tackles several issues

Read on to see what Miami coach Al Golden is saying about the Virginia game, the upcoming game against Duke, and much more.

On Duke:
We're getting ready for a really tough Duke team, who is playing really well. The thing that jumps out to me is they're telling you they don't want you to run the ball on them. They're doing a great job doing it.

Matt Daniels at safety is playing as well anyone in the conference – very active on the football, interceptions, his tackles, and I think Canty back there as well.

They have very active linebackers in Gamble and Brown. I like the down guys, 7 or 8 of them. They're doing a great job against the run and excellent on third downs. They have a veteran secondary.

They don't beat themselves and the time of possession on offense is attributed to their quarterback and system. Very few teams in the country can throw it as much as they are and still have the time of possession.

Their kicking game is excellent. Their punter is having an excellent year. Their kick returner, Crowder, is having a great year. It'll be a great challenge for us on Saturday.

On Duke's program:
You see a system. They're recruiting to a system now. They're playing a lot more young guys right now. It's hard for me to comment on another program but this team is taking shape. They have our kids' attention. You can judge by how they practice and talk about the opponent. They have our attention and it's gonna be quite a challenge for us on Saturday.

On defense vs UVA:
The things we didn't do well – we didn't pressure the quarterback, gave up too many explosive plays because of mental errors and breakdowns on our part. We didn't tackle as well.

On missed opportunities:
On offense, we had a missed field goal, a turnover deep, a missed 4th and 1. We had roughing the passer and kicker penalties that ended up in points. We're trying to get back to our brand, being physical. We will have our hands full, particularly at the line of scrimmage.

On the fake punt by UVA:
On the fake punt, we had a safe look on and we had two guys sleeping at the wheel.

On the report of him not being happy at UM:
It was tough for me. When asked, I didn't understand the context of it. I didn't know what was reportedly said. I had a chance to speak to my attorney and I expressed my displeasure. I love it here. My wife and kids are happy. Our staff is happy. The administration here has been ultra-supportive and I'm positive that will continue moving forward. Since I've been here I've been committed to trning Miami around. We're just out of the blocks and I wish these things would go away. We're just trying to move forward with the program.

On Tommy Streeter's injury:
It looks like Tommy got a cleat to the top of the foot. If it doesn't get better, we'll go with x-rays but the initial report I got from the trainer is lets ice it and get it ready. If the status changes, I'll let you know but I'm hopeful that he'll be fine.

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