Decision Coming Soon for QB

One advantage that quarterbacks in the state of Texas have over those in Florida is the ability to compete in several 7-on-7 passing tournaments over the summer.

That's something Kirby Freeman is taking advantage of during this offseason.

"They have them all summer long," Freeman said. "Our team is competing in five of them. Two of them aren't state qualifying tournaments but three of them are. The finals are held at Texas A&M and end up being a lot of fun. More importantly, though, it gives us a chance to get more practice in while competing against teams from all over the state."

At 6-foot-3 and 190 pounds, Freeman is coming off a solid junior season. He threw for 1,737 yards and 21 touchdowns while rushing for 1,365 yards and 27 scores. However, his most impressive statistic may be his punting average. "I had close to 25 punts and averaged 58 yards a kick. I had a couple 80-yarders that really helped my average I guess."

Freeman, who carries a 3.5 GPA and has not tested yet, has been around the game of football his entire life.

"My father coaches and therefore I've been around it all my life," he said. "I started throwing when I was only four and it's something that's been a major part of my life ever since."

The talented quarterback, who also competes in three separate events in track, attracted several college coaches this spring.

"I had a lot of schools that stopped by the school and then called," he said. "I've actually already narrowed it down to two or three schools right now. I know that I'll be attending one of those three."

Freeman named those three and talked about each of them.

"First is Miami," he said. "Being a quarterback from Texas, I was very surprised when Coach Werner, their quarterbacks coach, came to watch me this spring. I guess word had gotten back to him after the NIKE Camp that I had a strong performance and he came to check things out I guess. He basically told me that they're interested in me, they have invited me to their summer camp later this month, and they will make a final decision on whether to offer or not by the third day. The camp runs from June 21st to the 23rd so I'll know on June 24th where I'm going to college. If Miami doesn't offer me after their camp, I'm going to attend Purdue. They've already offered me a scholarship and I really like them. I'm also going to check out Oklahoma State this Thursday as a backup plan just in case something goes wrong with Purdue and if Miami doesn't come through with an offer."

Freeman, who will visit Purdue unofficially next week, talked more about the situation with the Hurricanes.

"Coach Werner said I'm in their top five among quarterbacks," he said. "I guess they're going to know more about the other guys real soon. The way he explained it is that schools like LSU and Texas have the ability to recruit quarterbacks locally while someone like Miami has to recruit all around the country for theirs. It made sense. That's why you see guys from California like Ken Dorsey on their roster."

Freeman said while he's been high on the Hurricanes for awhile now, his interest has grown even stronger in recent weeks.

"My best friend is a long snapper that just signed with the Houston Texans," he said. "His roommate there now is the guy who kicked for Miami the last few years. My friend said Todd has nothing but great things to say about Miami and talked about what a wonderful experience he had during his time there. It's definitely the type of stuff I wanted to hear."

Freeman said the Hurricanes definitely have the upper hand right now.

"Basically, if they offer me, I'm going to commit on the spot," he said. "So when I get home on June 24th, I'll be calling Purdue to tell them either I'm ready to commit or I'll be telling them thanks for the interest they showed in me. Miami is an unbelievable program. They're in the national championship race every year it seems. Their program is full of great players and super coaches and it sounds like a perfect fit for me."

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