Hall of Fame Photo Gallery 4

Gallery Four takes the touring fan from the Conference Center where you'll find Orange Bowl trophies awarded to the football squad after some legendary bowl game wins.

Also a classic pic of Sebastian torching the Boomer Schooner and the Bear Bryant trophy awarded to the Canes after the 1989 National Championship season.

Cut back through the Championship Lobby and take a hard left into the final hallway which leads you to the exit. Here at the end of the tour you'll find Gino's Heisman Trophy and Walter Camp plaque, names of former Canes in the pros listed from ceiling to floor and other various awards and trophies.

A picture of the men who earned University of Miami the moniker "Quarterback U." They are Jim Kelly (12), Steve Walsh (4), Bernie Kosar (20), Vinny Testaverde (14), George Mira Sr. (10) and Craig Erickson (7).

Gino Torretta's 1992 Heisman Trophy and a picture of #13 during that 11-1 season.

Case in the conference room including a picture of the 1987 championship squad with former President Reagan, a letter from Miami's Mayor proclaiming "Miami Hurricanes Football Day" and a State Champs collage.

The 1992 Walter Camp All American plaque awarded to Gino Torretta naming him quarterback of the year.

The Bear Bryant Trophy awarded to the Canes after the 1989 National Championship season.

An autographed picture of Sebastian the Ibis after his ever famous torching of the Boomer Schooner on January 1, 1988. Miami beat Oklahoma 20-14 in the Orange Bowl and won the 1987 National Championship.

Orange Bowl trophies won by Miami's football squad in 1983 and 1987 in which the Canes won the National Championship.

A picture of the first Miami Hurricanes baseball squad in 1937.

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