Favorite Names His

After spending the past three days in the start of summer conditioning drills, Louisiana defensive lineman Marlon Favorite is starting to feel like football season is coming up.

"We just started out summer workouts this week," Favorite said. "We go every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We're out there in t-shirts and shorts working hard. The D-Line comes in at five and we get right to work."

Favorite, who came up a few points shy on the first try at the ACT, hopes to repeat his strong performance from last season when he finished the season with 105 tackles and 22 sacks.

"It was frustrating at times, though," he said. "I'd line up over the center and I'd have the center blocking me and both guards coming down on me. I learned real quickly last season that quick feet is what really helps you in those situations. Having quick feet and good strength allows you to beat those double and triple teams."

So it's no surprise that the biggest thing Favorite is working on these days is footwork.

"I'm doing all kinds of drills to help with that," the 6-2, 310-pounder said. "When you're over 300 and you can move your feet, you're going to be a handful."

Favorite, who played last season at 285 after starting as a freshman at 278 pounds, also competes for the school's track team. He throws the shot put (47 feet) and discus (138 feet).

On the recruiting front, Favorite is getting national attention due to his impressive play.

"I had 20-some schools call me on the phone during the May spring period," he said. "A few of them even started offering me scholarships. Some of the schools that called me were Auburn, Alabama, Miami, Nebraska, LSU, Colorado, USC, UCLA, and Tulane."

The talented defensive tackle said he received his call from the Miami coaches on the last day -- May 31.

"They called and told me how they liked me on tape and that they will be recruiting me," he said. "He gave me a verbal offer on the phone but I know that they want to see me in person, see me on my visit, and that kind of stuff. I like them because they were real straight forward with me."

So how much interest does Favorite, whose first cousin (Thad Washington) plays for Colorado, have in the Hurricanes right now?

"You should have seen how excited I was when I got my first letter from Miami," he said. "I mean, that's Miami. Then when they called, I realized they were serious about me. That's definitely one of the schools I'll be making a visit to later this year."

Favorite, who is not real familiar with Vegas Franklin, said the Hurricanes are currently in his list of favorites along with four other programs.

"My top five would be Miami, USC, LSU, Colorado, and Indiana," he said. "They're all recruiting me, they all talked about an offer, and they're the places that I'm most interested in visiting right now."

Favorite comes from a state that generally sees its top players go to the hometown school -- LSU. Favorite said that's not always the case. He was asked how much interest he has in leaving the state.

"Some kids leave," he said. "It's all about where you feel the most comfortable. For many kids, that's LSU because they're close to home and they have a great program. For others, like [Franklin], they feel comfortable other places. I won't know where I feel most comfortable till after I take all my visits. It should be fun and a good learning experience."

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