Miami College World Series Bound

San Pedro hit a grand slam in the top of the 11th inning which propelled the Hurricanes to Omaha for the College World Series. The sophomore catcher from Hialeah remembers when he first introduced himself to the team in the locker room, "the first thing they ask you when you step in the locker room, what's your name and why are you here?" His response was, "Hi, I'm Erick and I'm here to go to Omaha to win a national championship."

Congratulations Erick, you and your teammates earned the privilege to play in Omaha for a chance to win the national championship.

The Miami Hurricanes battled this season through the adversity of not getting a lot of respect by preseason polls, an inexperienced team, injuries and position changes to advance to the College World Series for the eighth time in 10 years under coach Jim Morris. How did this team do it? "Everyone's mindset from the beginning of the year was just Omaha," said freshman third baseman Gaby Sanchez. "We might be young but we play with a lot of heart, a lot of fight." North Carolina State coach Elliot Avent believes the heat played a factor in his team's performance, "I do think the heat may have taken its toll on the number of innings our pitchers could go" but was extremely proud of his team, "they may have given out on energy today but they never gave out of heart."

It was a long day at the ballpark for both teams. North Carolina State began batting practice at around noon and didn't get done with the post-game press conference until after eight o'clock. There was a 55-minute rain delay prior to the start of the game. The eleven-inning affair lasted four hours and 26 minutes. Coach Morris thanked the fans who showed their support especially those who sat through the rain delay without an umbrella.

J.D. Cockroft will get the start in game one of the College World Series on Saturday, June 14 against the winner of the Texas-Florida State super regional. Coach Morris had this to say about the College World Series, "anybody can win it if you get hot." Canes fans hope that ‘anybody' can be the University of Miami.

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