LB Losing Track of Offers

When I first walked into the weightroom at the University of Florida on the day of April's NIKE Camp there, the first player I noticed because of his physical makeup was Orlando Evans standout linebacker Brandon Siler.

Then when I made my way onto the field during testing drills, the first player I noticed was Siler, who finished last season with close to 180 total tackles, including 20-some for a loss.

After measuring in at 6-2 and 206 at the camp, Siler said he's added several pounds since that day.

"I had lost some weight right before then," Siler said. "I gained it back and have been adding it, especially after spring was over. I'm closer to 220 or 225 now. I'm getting ready man."

Siler, who is a full qualifier with a 4.2 GPA and a 1,000 on the SAT, also competes in basketball where he averaged 16 points and eight rebounds per game as a junior. He also ran the anchor of the 4x1 for the Evans track team this year.

The talented linebacker, whose biological father played for the San Francisco 49ers as a player, has become one of the state's top linebacker prospects. He received calls from college coaches from all across the country last month.

"Miami, Florida, Florida State, Southern Cal, South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Stanford, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, and Michigan State," he said after being asked who called last month.

Siler said several of those schools have already offered scholarships. However, something interesting prevented Siler from remembering them.

"I don't even watch football," he said. "I never really had much interest in watching it. I just like playing it. Because I don't watch it, I don't really know a whole lot about anyone right now. And whenever the coaches would call me, it was almost like a pre-recorded conversation. They all pretty much said the same thing, telling me they thought I was a good player, telling me they'll be recruiting me, and stuff like that."

One of the conversations he remembers having is with a coach, whose name he does not remember, from Miami.

"They talked about how interested they were in me," he said. "They talked about their school and recruiting me and stuff. They asked if I was interested and I told them the same thing. I'm going to start watching these teams this year and the thing I'll be watching for is the style of play. Miami's definitely one of the ones I'll be watching closely this year because I've heard a lot about their style."

Siler, who will not attend any summer football camps, said he won't be able to name a list of favorites until the fall when he gets a chance to start watching the different programs.

"It won't take me long to notice what I'm looking for," he said. "When I see things I like about each school, I'll remember it. Basically, I'll end up going to the school whose style fits me the best and the place where I'm most comfortable."

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