TE/DE Very High on UM

When you're 6-foot-7 and 230 pounds you tend to get noticed by a lot of people. And when you lead your home state in quarterback sacks, you tend to get even noticed more.

That's the case with Denver (Colo.) South standout tight end/defensive end Calais (Ca-lay-is) Campbell after he put up 17 sacks as a junior last season.

Campbell, who began playing football at age six, started his career as a fullback/linebacker. Then when he started growing, he was moved to the line where he's excelled on both sides of ever since.

"I play both ways," Campbell said. "I only got a chance to play one game at tight end last season and it was in a playoff game. They needed me more at offensive tackle. I had three catches for 56 yards and a touchdown. I'll be playing there a lot more this season."

Campbell is being recruited by some schools on offense and others on defense. He talked about the difference.

"It really doesn't matter to me," he said. "Whatever gives me a chance to be successful. If I had to say, I'd rather be a defensive end. I get more excited over a big hit on defense than I do over scoring a touchdown on offense. But I just like playing, period."

Head coach Ryan Mullaney is a big fan of Campbell's game.

"I think Calais has the potential to play on Sunday's at the defensive end position," Mullaney said. "He moves so well for being so large, and has such long arms. He is something every college dreams of in a defensive end. Either way, they'll be getting a great player."

Campbell, who will take the ACT for the first time this Saturday, also plays basketball that has helped the big man a lot over the years.

"I play some power forward and some center," Campbell said. "Basketball has really helped me with my footwork and agility. I'm able to use that to my advantage in football."

Campbell is being recruited by Division 1 programs in both sports and hopes to play both in college.

"I'm being recruited more for football but I do have some offers to play basketball and I hope I get a chance to do both in college," he said.

Campbell said his football offer list is up to eight and it's growing on a regular basis.

"Miami, CSU, Michigan, Nebraska, Oregon, teams like that have already offered me," he said. "Washington and Oregon have told me I can play basketball too."

Campbell said he spoke to the UM coaches in May and also saw them at his high school.

"Coach Stoops came by the school," he said. "Then I talked to them on the phone. Miami offered me a scholarship. They said they'd like to offer me a scholarship there and I was like 'that's great.' They said they like me on both sides of the ball and I would get a chance to play either one."

The talented tight end/defensive end had a lot of good things to say about the Hurricanes.

"Miami's the top program in the country right now," he said. "Their tight ends are always the best. They're not just the best in college but they're also the best in the pros. Both Jeremy Shockey and Bubba Franks were All-Americans at Miami and they were both in the Pro Bowl this year. I also have watched Kellen Winslow too and he'll probably be a top 10 pick next year. What more could you want."

Campbell has also paid close attention to UM's defensive ends in recent years as well.

"They always have fast, athletic guys," he said. "Last year they rotated guys around to stay fresh and they were so good that three of them got drafted. It sure would be nice to be a part of that too."

Campbell said although he's not sure about a top five list of favorites or anything like that, UM's definitely near the top of his list.

"I really couldn't say who the top ones are right now," he said. "I'm still waiting on some schools to offer like Colorado. But Miami's definitely near the top and I'm very interested in taking a visit down there this season."

There is another factor that might come into effect later in the decision-making process.

"My brother's going to CSU," he said. "He's grayshirting this year and will start there in 2004. It might factor in a little but not much. I mean I love my brother and everything but that doesn't mean I'm going to school there or anything. I'll have to see."

Campbell, who will be at the Wyoming team camp the rest of the week, is unlikely to attend any more afterwards.

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