Lemon Ready to Make His Mark

When I spoke to Carol City coach Walt Frazier early this spring about his top college prospects, there was no mention of cornerback Terrell Lemon.

Afterall, Lemon had only started six games his entire varsity career while teammates like Glenn Sharpe have been household names since their sophomore seasons.

And another major reason why is because last season, Lemon stood 5-foot-7 and 145 pounds. He's always been a track kid, but was only running a 4.60 last season.

Then things started to change this season. And I mean change.

Lemon hit a growth spurt that made him 5-foot-10 and 160 pounds. Through hard work in track, he's now a 4.45 kid.

"I ran a 4.42 at Auburn" Lemon said. "Then I ran a 4.45 at UM and a 4.49 at FSU. Next year at this time, I hope to be at 4.3."

Lemon, who's been playing football since he was nine, has always played cornerback. And don't think he's done growing. Lemon just turned 17 years old earlier this month. We're talking about a kid that might grow to be 6-0 and 170 within a year from now.

I watched Lemon's spring jamboree against Norland and was very impressed. Then I saw him again at UM's summer camp and was even more impressed.

In fact, Lemon has been impressing coaches from all over this summer.

"I went to the camp up in Lakeland and was the top DB there," he said. "I went to Miami and they said they didn't know much about me, but they liked the way I played. Then at FSU, I was one of about 20 kids they called in a room at the end of the camp and they talked about the recruiting process."

Lemon, who I feel is the No. 4 cornerback in the state of Florida right now, is getting closer inside the classroom. His core grades are fine, and he scored a 760 on his first test. He needs an 820, which he's confident that he'll get considering he's been studying for this upcoming test and he still has a full year to pass it.

Lemon talked about the differences between the Miami and Florida State camps.

"They were different," he said. "Florida State was more of a conditioning and instructional camp. Miami was more fun and more competitive."

Robert, who is Terrell's father and also a pastor, said Terrell is looking forward to enjoying the recruiting process.

"I wanted to clear up a comment I made to someone at the Florida State camp that got published," he said. "It was regarding Terrell and his cousin Glenn Sharpe being a package deal. What I mean was these two kids are so close and have grown up playing football and running track together since they were nine. And it'd be nice if they could play together somewhere if the opportunity is there. But they will both have their own decisions to make."

Lemon's father said when the college coaches come around Carol City, they all know about Sharpe, but it doesn't take them long to notice Lemon.

"Glenn is a great player so he attracts a lot of college coaches," he said. "That's good for Terrell. Coach Miller from Michigan State came here in May to watch Glenn. And of course he liked Glenn. And when he saw Terrell make two picks and one fumble recovery in the same day, he began asking about Terrell."

"I'm going to keep working hard and enjoy the season, then see what happens," Terrell said.

Unfortunately for them, the opposing wide receivers that Lemon and cousin/friend/teammate Sharpe constantly shut down this season, won't be enjoying things too much when they play against Carol City this season.

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