Q&A with TE Asante Cleveland

Asante Cleveland enters spring football as the top tight end on the depth chart. Read on to see what he's saying entering spring drills.

On being up to 270 pounds:
When I came in I was about 240 at best. They really told me they think it'd be more beneficial if I got my weight up to go against the bigger defensive ends in the ACC. I've been working hard to get my weight up.

On his injury last season:
It was a little frustrating when I came back from injury and trying to work my way back in. This offseason, I've been working as hard as I can.

On his hard work during the offseason:
I've been working hard throughout all the U Tough. I've been getting black jerseys and all that so I knew my work should pay off.

On lingering effects of his injury:
Yeah, going through the blocking stuff I still feel it a little bit in my shoulder. I've been working out, trying to make sure everything is 100-percent and I've been feeling good.

On the quarterbacks:
We had a pretty good program. Ryan Williams has been here for a year and really understands our offense. Stephen has still been helping them understand what their reads are. I think we'll be really good.

On the tight ends in 2011:
Last year we didn't really produce as well as we should have. We took it to heart because we don't wanna be seen as the weak link of the offense. Everyone's been out running routes on Saturday and Sunday, making sure we all have good timing with the quarterbacks.

On Ryan Williams:
He's a smart quarterback. He knows when you're gonna be open before you do. He's one of those players who puts the ball right on the money all the time.

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