Q&A with RB Eduardo Clements

Eduardo Clements will play a key role in Miami's offense in 2012. Read on to see what he's saying just before the start of spring football.

On Lamar Miller leaving:
To see guys you spent a whole year with, you had a brothership with, to go to the next level, it's their jobs. Lamar taught me a lot of things, to keep my head in the game when he made that decision. He said me and Mike would have to take over now.

On who he models his game after:
I look up to Clinton Portis. He's not playing now but he could get the tough yardage and could catch the football. I haven't met him. Coach Swasey tells me everything that I look like him but I never got to meet him.

On what he did to play a lot in 2011:
Do everything they asked of me, on special teams too. I can be the guy to come in on third down and pick up blitz. I spent extra time in the film room and stuff like that.

On Mike James:
He means a whole lot. Mike's a hard worker, tells the team when they're doing something wrong, will go to the head coach that we need to change things. He's a guy that everyone looks up to.

On players buying in:
Just like last year when Coach Golden came, we were 6-6 but lost games by 3, 6, 8 points. It's because we didn't buy in early enough. We didn't come out playing like we were supposed to. Now, everyone is buying in. Coach Golden recruited the right guys – everyone is buying in.

On the depth chart:
Coach Golden lets you know everyday how we're gonna set the depth chart from U-Tough, to lifting, to running. Now the rankings are out, guys are saying they should be this or that but they weren't thinking about that when we were putting in U-Tough workouts in the morning.

On the 6-6 record in 2011:
It fueled us because some of the games we gave away. Against Kansas State, 4th and 1 and we couldn't score. Virginia Tech, 4th and 1 and they scored. We got it back and we couldn't get points. Last year was very close but we let ourselves down. We let out coaches down with a 6-6 record but we let ourselves down.

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