Q&A with LB Jimmy Gaines

Jimmy Gaines is the starting middle linebacker going into spring ball. Read on to see what he's saying.

On the returning linebackers:
We have Kelvin Cain, who has played, I've played, Buchanan's played. Eddie Johnson, he's gonne come on and surprise people. He's big, strong, and physical and he's really starting to get it. You'll see him coming on this spring. Tyrone Cornileus is grasping it as well.

On Raphael Kirby:
He's smart and strong. He's really starting to grasp the playbook. During the meetings, he's been there since January. He's answering the questions with confidence. That's my guy, if I can help him out with anything.

On replacing Spence:
It's kinda tough to replace Sean Spence. You really can't. He's an amazing guy. It's a group of us. It's not just one guy who will replace him; it's a group of us.

On his leadership role:
I know I have to step It up. Out of all us, I'm really one of the guys with most experience so I have to step up. I have to lead the other guys.

On Spence doing 12 reps at the combine:
I was definitely surprised. He'll do fine, though. That's a minor speedbump but he'll be OK.

On Ray Ray Armstrong's offseason:
He's definitely attacked it. He's going crazy, doing excellent. You can definitely tell a change in him. He's working extra hard – the running, the exercising, the U-Tough, he has a black jersey every U-Tough. He's working really hard, making sure he's ready for the season to come.

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