Q&A with RB Mike James

Mike James is fresh off an excellent winter conditioning program and enters spring football as the starter at running back. Read on to see what he's saying.

On Lamar Miller's departure:
I wouldn't say it's different. It's a little different without him but I feel the same as when he was here.

On being counted on more:
I wouldn't call it pressure. I'd call it an opportunity that I'm gonna take advantage of.

Without Morris:
We're gonna be very good. We're buying into what Coach Fisch wants us to do.

On his confident being an every down back:
Most definitely. I felt that from day one, the day I was born. There is no doubt in my mind. I thank God for blessing me with this opportunity.

On Clements:
Eduardo's pushing me and I'm pushing him so it's gonna be good.

On Williams:
Ryan Williams, a great guy. He's all-around a great kid. He's growing up, maturing, understanding the process, and doing what he needs to do taking care of things for spring. I see him every day, working hard, working on his craft and that's enough for me.

On 6-6 last season:
Winning in college football is hard so you have to prepare yourself every week. If that means preparing yourself now, it's what you have to do.

On Crawford:
Dallas is a the X-factor in the group. He can hit the big plays, does a lot of different things. Coach Fisch wants to get him involved so he has a chance to do some big things.

On Miller's 40-time at combine:
He text me between his forties saying he did bad and I said he ran a 4.38. It wasn't what he wanted to run but I'm sure he'll run better at Pro Day. I'm thinking low 4.3 and high 4.2. He didn't get a good start, didn't finish like he wanted to. He was still the fastest man there. I watched the whole thing, every drill, everything. The guys did a good job.

On Phase 1:
I usually would go home over break and enjoy family, work out there. I felt it was time to give up personal lives. I read some things, listened to a few speakers. If you wanna be successful, how bad do you want it? I was willing to give up my extra time to make myself better to help this team. I stayed over break, here with Swasey working out every day. Linder, McDermott, Ray Ray, A.J. Highsmith, we got some guys who are really maturing and understanding that we'll do anything to win.

On Morris:
Stephen's a competitor. He wants to be in there but he needs to take a step back and relax, become a vocal leader. Everything happens for a reason and hopefully he takes advantage of the situation.

On the label of not having breakaway speed:
I'm not really focused on that. I'm focusing on controlling games, winning games, and being an asset to this team.

On 2011:
My junior year was tough. I had a few bumps and bruises, like any athlete would have.

On being up to 225:
I bulked up in different places, to eliminate injuries in certain players.

On the 2012 schedule:
I'm very excited. It's a road to success and I'm happy to see it.

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