Q&A with QB Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams enters spring football as the starter at quarterback. Read on to see everything he's saying going in.

On his opportunity:
It's a great opportunity to get reps and learn the offense and get a chance to run it and not just see it on paper and actually do it.

On the newcomers:
Really hard workers. They're smart, picking it up a lot. We gotta see how it goes on the field. Anyone can learn the playbook but I expect high of them and I hope they expect high of me. I think they'll do really good.

On 2011:
I learned a lot, especially from Jacory. He was my mentor. He sat down with me in camp and we went over the playbook. Sitting back and watching him during the season, handling the media, how calm he is on the field, I learned a lot from him.

On Phase 1:
At first, I didn't know what to expect because I'd never done it before. I was gonna go out and work as hard as I could. I got a green jersey my first day, which is the second level. I saw what type of effort and work ethic you needed to get to the black level jersey. I found it at the end, knowing what I needed to do.

On his size:
During the season I was around 230 and I didn't feel I was able to give my best effort. I didn't feel comfortable. I lost 5-6 pounds and I feel better running around and moving.

On 2012 compared to 2011:
We're really focused. We saw the opportunities we missed last season. We have a lot of open spots from former starters. We have some good opportunities to get good playing time on the field.

On the goals:
The goal is definitely to win, no matter what team you're on. You're here to play, here to win. In the spring, we wanna get a feel for each other on the field.

On extra stuff he's doing:
I watched a lot of film, just seeing last year's reps, watching Jacory run them against teams we play against this year. If he saw something, I wanna see it on film and not make the same mistakes.

On lack of receivers this spring:
It's gonna be tough but you gotta expect the non scholarship receivers to step up and be able to make plays. I expect the same, whether it's scholarship or non scholarship guys.

On when he transferred:
I envisioned the teams from the old, how excited they were to be on the field with each other and the passion they had for each other and how they expected to win every game.

On spring goals:
I wanna prove myself to my teammates. They haven't seen me play yet so I wanna show them what I can do.

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