Spring Day 1: Al Golden

Spring football started at Miami today and Al Golden addressed a number of topics on it.

On conditioning:
We're not in the condition we need to be in. We're bigger and stronger. There wasn't a lot of yelling and screaming by coaches to play at the right tempo.

On compared to 2011:
We're way better than where we were a year ago. I want it to be where we need it to be by August.

On suspensions:
Seantrel is suspended for the weekend. He'll be back for Tuesday's practice. Team policy. Disappointing. Kelvin Cain as well. I think it's disappointing for the team. And Keion Payne, too.

On freshmen:
Larry Hope got a lot of reps. Gunter did a really nice job for us. Taylor got more reps than he thought without Seantrel. Kirby got a lot of work. Dwayne got a lot of work with the 2nd team, Josh Witt got a lot of work. A lot of new faces that hadn't played a lot before. Eddie Johnson, Dallas Crawford looks like he's in shape and has his quickness back. The two new quarterbacks got a lot of work. Overall, it was a good effort.

On McDermott:
Great offseason. He's a hard worker. He's smart, can run the operation. He changed a protection I think he's ready. Wheeler's gonna play some. Tyler Horn was a very valuable player for us but I don't have any issues with Shane. He acts like a starter.

On Morris:
He was like a coach, making sure they're doing all the little things well. He's a natural leader. We just have to push him out of his comfort zone a bit, command more. This will be a silver lining for him.

On lack of WR depth:
On The guys coming in will have to compete for jobs. We can employ Dallas there, or flex out Asante or Clive.

On Crawford:
He's a competitor. We asked a lot of him today and he did well. Very versatile.

On depth chart:
Gionni and Eddie were injured most of the offseason. Three were at the field corner spot because McGee started 12 games but got outworked. Everyone was fighting for the two deep. Kacy is 212 pounds right now, has all the tools. We just wanna get him to be more mentally tough, work at a higher level for a longer period of time. I'm excited about Kacy.

On Telemaque:
Vaughn looked good today, smoothness in transition. He has to be a leader out there, has to get us lined up. We cut our big plays in half a year ago but still had too many. This year, it's not good enough just to be in good position. Ray Ray, Vaughn, and McGee had three interceptions. That's too many reps for those guys not to be more active. We have to coach it better and they have to execute it better.

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