Spring Day 1: Brandon McGee

Spring football started at Miami today and read on to see everything senior cornerback Brandon McGee is saying.

On the depth chart:
The depth chart was set on offseason workouts. The coaches go in and review how everyone did and they set it based on that. You always think you're working hard but at the end of the day you're always being evaluated.

On what he thought of it:
It was just motivation, when you see yourself back that far. You know how far you gotta go. You have one thing on your mind and that's to work hard.

On motivation:
That's something coaches were instilling in me. They have high expectations. It was definitely a motivational tool and let me know where I needed to be.

On quitting track:
The plan for me to quit track was to focus on football. I made gains. I was squattin 385 and maxed out at 415. I made gains in the areas I wanted to.

On when he decided to stop track:
It really started in practice. I tweaked my hamstring one day. I talked it over with my father, my brother, and the coaches. Track travels so much. With what we're trying to accomplish this season, I wanted to focus on football.

On improvements he's made:
The biggest area improvement was tackling. I wanna keep working. Forcing turnovers and always being around the ball is something coaches are trying to stress.

On today:
Today in practice, my main focus was if a receiver catches the ball, my main goal is to get it out. Keep clawing. Take it one thing at a time.

On spring football:
It's definitely important. It's my senior year. You don't get these practices back. They're crucial. You go out everyday and work.

On freshmen corners coming later:
Whenever freshmen come in, you have to make the transition. When I came, guys like Brandon Harris and Van Dyke helped me. It's definitely a transition that has to be made from high school to college.

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