Spring Day 1: QB Ryan Williams

Spring football started today at Miami and you can read on to see everything quarterback Ryan Williams is saying.

On today:
Practice was good. To get out there and get in the flow of things, it was just nice to get out there and do it for real instead of just doing routes.

On what he's trying to accomplish:
I was asked to take control of the offense, be a leader, make the right reads and throws, act like I've been there. They expect more out of me. I go out there and expect the best from my teammates.

On what fans are saying:
I'm not paying attention. They probably hear my name now that Stephen is hurt and I'm next in line but that's not my focus.

On receivers:
They did real good today, being real limited on numbers. They did good. The non scholarship receivers stepped up with injured players being out.

On his opportunity:
It's a real big opportunity just to get reps with the starters and not just running scout team. I got a feel for the offense, not just Xs and Os, but getting live reps. I'm approaching it like I've been doing for the last 10 years. At the end of the day, it's just football.

On the freshman QB's:
They looked good. Sometimes they'd second guess themselves. I had that when I first got here. It's a learning process. You can't expect them to come out and make every right read. For their first day they did real good.

On the competition the freshmen provide:
It's not really hard. You want what's best. They're your competition. If they're getting better, they're pushing me. If they learn it and push me, that makes the team better in the end.

On what he's working on:
I'm working on my leadership, studying all the playbook, making my teammates better. Last year I couldn't get on people if they weren't doing right. It wasn't my place. Now I'm on the field with the first team. Its my job to be in control of it.

On Thompkins:
He had a real good offseason, one of the hardest workers at the receiver group. Today he had a few drops but I talked to him and he'll be better tomorrow.

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