Q&A with Jedd Fisch

Jedd Fisch returns for his second season as Miami's offensive coordinator. Read on to see everything he's saying after the start of spring football.

On lack of personnel this spring:
We definitely have to adjust some of our scripting, just be able to move in and out of personnel groups. What we committed to do is teach concepts. If you're going to teach, everyone will have to know where to fill in. We understand the limitations but it's a great opportunity for guys to develop and a great opportunity for us to teach the concept rather than always trying to get the right guy in the right spot. It's a great chance for Mo Hagens to line up at receiver, for our tight ends to be flexed out, and our tailbacks, and to utilize more personnel groups.

On not having Morris:
Yeah, of course, you'd like to be able to have everybody healthy. I'm more disappointed for him than us. He was really looking forward to the opportunity to play and the opportunity to lead the team. You know, he's doing a great job of learning it. It's a great opportunity for him to be an assistant coach right now, and then be able to step; in when he's healthy.

On Ryan's opportunity:
When the opportunity knocks, answer the door. That's what we told all those guys – Gray, Preston, and Ryan. Now that we've got those guys here it's an awesome opportunity for all of them. I'm excited that they get to p[participate, that they get to lead the team, and show what they can do. When Stephen's healthy, they're gonna compete. Right now, for Ryan, take it and run with it.

On Williams so far:
I think we've talked in the past about it. It's really hard to watch a transfer quarterback because they're always on the other field and you don't know what they're doing. He impressed me (Saturday), impressive in the meeting room. He has great knowledge and a grasp of the offense and does a really good job, as do the youngsters.

On Coach McDonald being passing game coordinator now:
Coach McDonald's gonna help, like he did last year, in regards to everything that we've done. What it means is that he did a tremendous job for us coaching the wide receivers and he'll continue to take on that role as well helping in any other way shape or form. He's gonna take a more active role in regards to, I'll ask him for certain projects that maybe I undertook on my own last year that we can delegate to him so we can all do our jobs better.

On losing so many key players from 2011:
I'm ecstatic about our team. Our team is really clicking. They enjoy being around one another. They're excited to be with each other and there is a really good, positive energy. I wish the best for the guys who aren't here and I hope that all of them succeed come the NFL draft and that great opportunities go their way. For the guys who are here, watching a Phillip Dorsett from August till now, there's huge strides. Rashawn Scott, huge strides. We have these young guys. Eduardo Clements. Mike James now that Lamar isn't here. Clive Walford. Those guys made huge strides from where they were. Over the next six months, they need to make huge strides again to have them be where we want them to be.

On the RB competition:
What we have right now is a great competition between Michael and Eduardo. I think they're both every down backs. We just used Eduardo in a third down situation last year. They both are every down backs and we're excited with who's coming in for training camp. With Michael, I expect him to be able to carry the load, as I expect Eduardo to so it'll be a good competition.

On McDermott:
It's actually exciting to watch Shane be able to start because of the fact that I really felt he was ready last year. He was a great leader for us. You don't usually say that about guys who are backups. He was a great leader, very disciplined; it means the world to Shane. Football means the world to him and the opportunity to do this is fantastic. I think we'll benefit from that.

On Crawford:
He's kinda been everywhere. He's playing both spots. He'll play some running back for us; he'll play a lot of receiver for us in the slot. He's got really good feet, can get in and out of breaks really well. Most importantly with Dallas, he's a football player. He loves playing.

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