Q&A with Andreu Swasey

The 2012 team is much stronger than the 2011 version and strength coach Andreu Swasey is a big reason for that. Read on to see everything he's saying as spring football gets going.

On the team being stronger:
One thing I wanted to make sure that whatever we're trying to do to get better, that's the main thing we wanted to target. That was the main emphasis. Comparing our numbers to last year, we had a goal we wanted to get to. The support for Coach Golden of the weight room really showed and the players see that.

On whether it surprised him:
I think we kinda exceeded what we wanted to for the team. Setting goals really helped how Coach supports the weight room. I can't say that enough. Now it's not weight room and football. Everything is tied in to one and everyone works together.

On how it happened:
Off the top of my head, you have so many guys who really excelled because of their change in body weight. Dorsett gained weight and went up almost 100 pounds in his squat. He went from 185 to 265 on his bench. Seeing that it looks real promising down the road. We have to continue getting stronger. That never stops. You always want your team bigger, stronger, and faster.

On the struggles in recent years:
I can't get frustrated because I thank God for being around as long as I have, for being around a lot of coaches. Do you have answers? If you have answers, you know where you're at. We have kids who haven't even been through spring. When you have a freshman versus a senior from another team, it is what it is. I've been on both ends, I've been here when we totally dominated. I take the good with the bad. You stay humble, stay focused on the task at hand, don't make excuses. We have to get stronger.

On Ereck Flowers:
He's doing great. The team, as a whole is doing great. He came in with a great work ethic, pushing himself. He comes from a school that just won a state championship. Coach is doing a great job recruiting the guys he wants to bring in.

On how the offseason translates:
I think we definitely on the right track of developing them. The base work is the offseason. It dictates where guys will play. If you're not working hard, you don't start. That's the bottom line. Coach does a great development of the 8 pillars of development. We wanna be smarter, tougher, more disciplined, better conditioned. Guys know that and knowing the foundation, we have something to work on and work towards.

On guys coming early for spring:
That's the main thing. That's phase one. That starts in January and you just left a full season. Phase two is spring ball. Then phase three is dealing with summer. Once you get into Phase 3, then you get into the fourth quarter of the season, which is the final test. Coming in July, in two weeks, they gotta get stronger. They miss three phases. I just keep plugging away and keep working them.

On Ray Ray Armstrong:
He's more mature. When you're winning, he's learned where he needs to be at. When you got that, you have a blue print. I've seen him make a decision and the things he went through last year, he missed several games, but he came back, hasn't left, stayed through the offseason. He's chasing me in spring break now. I see a lot of maturity in Ray. That's exciting to see. That's what we're in it for – watching players develop. When a player is honest with where he's at, we can always be a better team.

On Golden being tough on Brandon McGee:
It's a day to day process and coach wants guys to be the same each day.

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