Q&A with QB Stephen Morris

Quarterback Stephen Morris is sitting out spring drills because of recent back surgery. Read on to see everything he's saying.

On his back:
I feel fine, just going out there every day, doing what I gotta do, with the training room staff. They're doing a great job and I feel fine.

On surgery:
I was kinda speechless. My dad did all the talking after that. As soon as we sat down in the meeting, it was kind of iffy. I prayed about it a lot, talked to my mom and dad. I just felt like it was the right thing to do and I had support from my coaches and family and that's most important to me. I felt fine.

On the timing of it:
During this time, mentally, when you play quarterback, the mental game is all that really matters. Physically, I know I'll be fine. I'm gonna get back in the weight room and do everything I can to be stronger and faster. This is the time to get any procedure done and that's what I did.

On bothering him:
I've been having a slight pain in my back for quite some time. I don't know how it came about, to the point where I had to talk about it and think about what I needed to do for it. It's been feeling that way since high school, for as long as I can remember. It's not something that happened here – it was a chronic thing that kept coming back and forth.

On his actual injury:
Everyone talks about lower back but it's just back overall. I've been hearing it was neck, I heard foot one time. It's no neck.

On setting him back:
Around August time, that's when everything gets decided from a coaching standpoint. Spring is all mental, especially when you play a position like quarterback. It's a mental game, it's a game within the game. As long as you just study your playbook and watch a lot of film and still grow and do your technique and work out and stuff like that, you'll be fine.

On being an extra coach:
That's my role – Coach Morris. I was tossing it around, but it wasn't anything major, not 30 yards downfield. It was basically to get in the groove of things, to start from square one basically.

On surgery date:
I remember but that's something I wanna keep that between me and my family and my doctor.

On the young QB's:
That's my whole goal, to get them better. They have a great opportunity right now. I remember when I was in Preston and Gray's shoes. I came in my freshman year and 12 was out with a thumb surgery he had. When I got in, that was an opportunity I had to take a lot of reps, understand the offense. From a freshman's standpoint, I was supposed to be in high school. My whole goal is to help them move along, help them understand that protection is, how to get the ball out faster, play college football at college speed. They're doing a great job.

On being in the weightroom:
I'll be out of the weightroom for awhile but I'm not concerned about that. Coach Swasey is excellent and he'll get me back in shape. It's not worrying me at all.

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