Canes return to practice field

The Hurricanes took last week off for spring break and returned to the practice fields today. Read on to see what Al Golden was saying about it.

The Hurricanes started spring football on March 3 and practiced for a week before taking off all last week because of spring break. They returned to the field today and head coach Al Golden said it was a little bit of a struggle getting the team back into rhythm.

"It was tough," Golden said. "We were pulling teeth a bit. We had a good attitude though, fought through it. It wasn't perfect. We ended up having things we can learn from. We need to eliminate distractions. We made study hall, everything yesterday."

Golden doesn't want his team to settle for just being OK with being back on the field. He wants to see excellence at all times.

"We just gotta take it to the next level, come back and thrive, not just survive," he said.

The Hurricanes began spring drills a few weeks ago and won't finish until several weeks from now. Golden talked about his philosophy on spreading spring drills out over a long period of time.

"I don't believe in beating up the kids in the offseason," he said. "I believe in exposing them to football for a longer duration. I don't want a conflict with classes, that's why we go Tuesday and Thursday, let them take care of academics. And we don't wanna lose anyone to injury by violently hitting every other day."

The team will practice one more time, on Thursday, before holding its first spring scrimmage. Golden said he and his coaching staff are very excited about what's ahead for this weekend.

"We have a lot of guys who haven't caught a ball in Sun Life, or run the ball, so I'm as excited as you guys to see how they do in that atmosphere," he said. "It's why we do it, to pack our bags and go perform. Hopefully we'll get a good crowd, not just high school coaches and players but fans and the community. That's why we're bringing it to different communities in South Florida and hopefully our kids will respond accordingly."

The format for Saturday's scrimmage, which is open to the public on Saturday at Hialeah's Ted Hendricks Stadium, is something Golden addressed today.

"What we'll do is start with eight or 10 plays on the goal line," he said. "It's more about segmenting, getting things on tape so we can go back and teach throughout summer. Then we'll go minus 25, minus 35, minus 45, short yardage, plus 45, plus 35, plus 20, and then a two minute. That'll be it."

One of the most talked about positions on the team for spring right now is the quarterbacks since none of them have played a single game at Miami. Golden talked about the chances they'll each have on Saturday.

"We haven't discussed it as a staff but they'll all probably get reps with the ones," he said.

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