Q&A with Kelvin Cain

Kelvin Cain is competing for a starting job at linebacker this spring. Read on to see everything he's saying a couple weeks into spring football.

On his spring:
Mostly I'm getting a couple reps at rush (end) because I already know sam. I'm trying to get two positions in.

On playing rush:
It shows my pass rushing ability. Sam, I blitz a lot but it doesn't really show my pass rush. I like to pass rush a little bit.

On his speed:
I've been timed at 4.6 last summer.

On his size:
I gained a little weight, got a little more stronger on my bench, squat. I'm about 6-4, 230, 235. I played at 237 (last year). I'm trying to gain more weight.

On his discipline problems:
Personally, you can't dwell on the past. You gotta look forward, try not to make the same mistakes – grow from them, learn from them. Just make better decisions.

On where he prefers to play:
Wherever the coaches want me, that's where I'm gonna go. They have (seen me at mike) but now I'm playing rush so I can get more reps there, learn that.

On the interception return last season:
That's not the highlight, not number one. Number one was coming here. It was a good play but I don't like to dwell on my past. That was last season. I have a lot more big plays to make.

On his leadership skills:
I feel like I can make a big impact on the team. Guys come to me for leadership and I give it to them. I feel like we're a great team. With my addition, we can be an even better team.

On how he improved:
I got smarter on the field, just knowing the plays better, understanding the plays, understanding the schemes. I bring a lot of leadership to the group.

On Sean Spence:
We're gonna miss him a lot. He was the vocal leader of the team. He made plays. He can't be replaced.

On Ray Lewis being at practice:
Being out there with Ray Lewis there will make us so a little harder, show him we're on the right path.

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