Q&A with Clive Walford

Clive Walford had a good redshirt freshman season in 2011 and is now competing with Asante Cleveland for the starting spot. Read on to see what he's saying a few weeks into spring football.

On the group of tight ends:
We can be as good as we wanna be, we just gotta give more effort and more focus.

On Asante Cleveland:
He's come back pretty good, focusing a lot better than last year. He's more dedicated, and he's working really hard.

On Cleveland:
He's a good player, a real good player. Us together, we make a good duo.

On the tight end spots he's learning:
It's multiple. I gotta know several tight end spots.

On his role:
It's really no different. Coach wants us to step up and make plays, so we gotta make plays.

On if he's ready for the scrimmage:
I am, just the atmosphere, to be out there with the team, to go fast, and to go hard.

Al Golden on Clive Walford:
Clive's been slowed a little bit with injuries but Asante had a great offseason and carried it into spring football. He's more of a pass threat than we anticipated. We just gotta get Clive healthy, improving his game. He has to be more of a factor in the passing game.

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