Q&A with Allen Hurns

Allen Hurns is Miami's top returning receiver but is being limited this spring due to injury. Read on to see what he's saying a couple weeks into spring football.

On his 2011:
I saw it that way last year but it didn't too good (as a team). I'm ready to get it on, not look back.

On what he's looking for Saturday:
I'm not playing but I wanna see good competition on both sides of the ball. With the receivers, so hard every play, make good catches.

On being limited with injury:
You can't do what the rest of your teammates are doing. That's the bad part about injuries. Besides the pain, you can't compete. You see your teammates out there and you wanna compete and you can't.

On the quarterbacks:
They're competing very well, making good throws. They're moving around and making plays.

On Gray Crow:
I'm not too good at comparing them but he's one of them who can make all the throws.

On Ryan Williams:
Ryan, I know very well because he was here last year. He's giving the defense a good look, a chance for them to compete

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