Porter adjusting to new position

Curtis Porter is entering his fourth year at the University of Miami and now he's playing a different position.

Curtis Porter was a fairly heavily recruited defensive tackle prospect out of North Carolina when he inked with the Hurricanes back in 2009.

It didn't take him long before he was logging quality minutes for the Canes, playing in eight games for Miami as a true freshman.

Ever since then, injuries have really taken their toll on him and his career. He played in just one game as a sophomore in 2010 and then played in just the final two games of last season.

At 6-foot-2 and 305 pounds, Porter has played the nose in his first three seasons at Miami. Now entering year four, he's been switched to play the three-technique.

What does that mean? Porter explained it.

"Everything is different," Porter said. "The scheme is different, the way they come at you is different. The reads are different. At the nose, the center is right there and you attack him. At the three technique, you have a guard coming at you. You gotta react quicker and be ready to make more plays."

Head coach Al Golden doesn't seem much of a difference between the two for Porter.

"He's playing both defensive tackles," Golden said. "They're interchangeable. He's probably seeing more single blocks than he would at the nose. His body is probably telling him it's a lot different but it's really not."

Porter, who has 15 career tackles and two for loss in 11 games played, is hoping his injury history is behind him.

"You can't dwell on it," he said of his injury histry. "It's football. Injuries happen. The only thing you can do is bounce back and move on. I'm 100-percent now. It felt great the last two games. It's just injuries. I will overcome them. It's very frustrating. You play a very physical sport so it's the name of the game. You gotta live with it and move on with life."

The standout junior talked about how he's working to overcome them.

"I'm just working hard, trying to compete, trying to get better, trying to motivate others to be more dominant. We wanna bring back that D-Line to what UM's always had. I feel great. I'm ready to play. I can't wait."

Golden believes Porter can he a major asset on the interior of the defensive line when healthy.

"He's gotta develop consistency with that," Golden said. "Staying injury free, being in top condition will allow him to do that. Curtis has made so much progress for us. He was really missed. He made a difference in the games he played. We like him. He just has to get to a point where he's consistent, trusts Jethro and Mark and how they're using him. He's a talented guy and we just gotta take him to the next level, in terms of hand placement, pass rush. I think he's got a real chance if he just stays with the plan."

For now, Porter is running second team but has every intention of landing a starting job by the time fall camp rolls around.

"I'm with the seconds right now," he said. "I start on goal lines. Olsen Pierre is in front of me as of now but over time, we'll see what happens."

Just having a healthy Porter back in the mix is huge for the Hurricanes and the middle of their defensive line.

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