Golden Talks About Scrimmage

The Hurricanes held their first spring scrimmage earlier today and so read on to see everything head coach Al Go2lden was saying after.

On today:
It was a start. We have a long ways to go. We learned a lot about guys. Rashawn Scott came to play, Ryan Williams operated it very well for the first time. Jermaine Johnson did a nice job, Bunche, the running backs ran hard. Defensively, Gionni showed up. Porter showed up. Cain showed up. Again, we'll learn a lot from this. It's hard to scrimmage after six practices. We put them to the test here and we gotta improve this week and do a better job next week in Fort Myers.

On the young offensive linemen:
If you look at our O-Line, the second line, Flowers and Gadbois, it's their first time out there. Wheeler, it's his first time at center. Ben and J-Lew, too. I thought they did a fairly good job for the first time.

On Dewey:
2 For Preston, his work was backed up on the minus one yard line so that probably wasn't fair but we'll get a good look at it and learn from it. We wanna get it on film so we can coach it better and then move into the preseason.

On Ryan Williams:
I thought he had good command, thought he distributed the ball well. His corner routes, I thought he threw really well for us. He did a good job in the naked game. For such a big guy to get out of the pocket and throw it as well as he did, he looked like he'd been through it before.

On players buying into the team concept:
What we're talking about, we want guys at the combine every year. We also wanna be championship teams. We have to continue learning, continue growing. There were points today where we got sloppy, tired. We have to get a mentality where we get past that. There were some elements when we were hitting and being physical. We want both. We want teams that produce NFL talent and we want teams that wanna play for championships, too.

On Anthony Chickillo:
He got a little pull and hopefully he'll be back Tuesday.

On the freshmen:
I think they were thrown into the fire a bit and I thought they did a good job. They all got action today, whether it was Kirby or Hope or Gunter or the quarterbacks. Flowers, Gadbois, a lot of them got work and it'll be a barometer for us. We wanna see growth by next Friday.

On Rashawn Scott:
He's making a lot of progress. What you saw here today is what we see in camp every day. He's working hard, and it's starting to show up in game situations like this.

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