Q&A with Seantrel Henderson

Seantrel Henderson started spring on the suspension list but now he's fully back in action. Read on to see everything he's saying after the team's first scrimmage.

On Coach Golden's ways:
I believe Coach Golden, the way he runs his whole program. I'm all with it. It's just a chance from Coach Shannon leaving and Coach Golden coming. We're getting used to that. I'm not saying it was a bad thing but we're getting used to how Coach Golden runs his program. I think it's a good thing.

On what it does:
I would say it motivates us, him calling people out. We still gotta grind and do everything we're asked of every day.

On his knee tweak in the scrimmage:
I kinda hurt it on the sideline, tweaked it a bit. It's fine. I felt better once I went back in.

On his progress as an OL:
I would say I'm growing. I was still making changes from moving from Minnesota to Miami. I'm still growing, learning, from day to day. It wasn't a big change but a change of character – two different coaches, two different people. We're trying to make it work.

On his suspension to start spring:
I was angry about it. It was my mistake. I was eager to bounce back after missing the first two practices I wasn't supposed to miss. That's it.

On where he's at as a player:
I would say I'm still far away. I still got a lot to work on, as far as just being on the field and completing my whole game as an offensive tackle. I'd say I'm getting better but I still have a lot to work on still.

On what he needs to work on most still:
I would say both, but I'm better at run blocking and I need to work on my vertical set, on kicking more. I had an injury on my left side, it doesn't feel the same as my right side. I'm trying to adjust, get my body right, and get my confidence back up.

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