Q&A with Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams had a solid performance for the Hurricanes in their first spring scrimmage. Read on to see everything he's saying about it.

On the scrimmage:
The coaches were on the sidelines telling us what to do and so it was up to us today.

On having several new players:
It's gonna take time but we gotta get it done. There's no more Jacory Harris, Lamar Miller, Tommy Streeter. The next guys need to step up and I think we've done a good job so far.

On Rashawn Scott:
He played a little last year but today was his breakout for fans to see, for them to see we have another big play receiver already here. He had a couple huge plays. It was good to see.

On Kendal Thompkins:
He's one of few left from that Northwestern class and he came out and had a good day. He had some big catches and he's gotta continue doing it.

On being the top QB now after running scout team:
I feel pretty good. Last year I got to sit back and learn in it and now I get to actually get on the field and run it for real.

On Saturday's scrimmage:
It was mixed results. There was some good and bad. We just have to get back, watch film, and grade it. Out here you wanna say you did good but you don't really know.

On the receivers:
They definitely did real good. They stepped up. Kendal made big plays, Rashawn made big plays, Phillip made big plays. They have to continue it. There is a big group coming in the summer and they gotta step up and make sure no one takes their spot.

On Stephen Morris providing support:
We're all supportive of each other. When the freshmen came in, I'm mentoring Gray and Stephen's got Dewey. We all try to help each other out. If Stephen sees something on the field, he'll let me know and when he gets back, I'll do the same.

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