Q&A with Vaughn Telemaque

Vaughn Telemaque is one of the senior leaders on defense this season. Read on to see what he's saying a couple weeks into spring football.

On the progress of the team:
We're definitely making great strides. We gotta keep trying to make strides. It's our second year going into Al Golden so we're preaching to the younger guys coming in so they understand, and even the older guys who have been here. Whatever clicks. Coach Golden knows what it takes and you gotta buy in or you might not see yourself on the field.

On the scrimmage from Saturday:
We definitely gotta build from it. The defense is staying point. There's a lot of young guys so it's good for them to get out there. As far as executing and knowing what we're supposed to do. We gotta understand we gotta play with passion and understand this is a game. We have to make it a game atmosphere, with the fans there. There's a lot to build on.

On being a leader:
I've been here five years so I gotta get back to Miami as much as I can. I love this place, being around it, the people here. I need to go in and push people more, give them the understanding that these scrimmages are for us to get better, to execute better. The offense scoring us doesn't make anyone feel good.

On Ryan Williams:
He looked good out here. I really think he has a feel for the game, knows what he's doing. He's got nice height so he can see over the linemen. The only thing that stirs up here is tackling and that can change the quarterback's feelings. We can give him props for executing plays now and doing things like that. Hopefully he keeps it going when the pads go on and we start tackling.

On a couple dropped interceptions Saturday:
Yeah but at the same time you gotta move on to the next play. If I dwell on that, ‘d be sunk the whole game. I gotta make those plays, help get my teammates better, more hyped up. I definitely lost out on that account but I'll definitely make up for it.

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