Q&A with Mark D'Onofrio

Read on to see what defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio is saying a couple weeks into spring football.

On the defensive end situation:
We've had five defensive ends getting reps in the spring. Chick was one of them so the other four got the reps (in the scrimmage due to Chick's injury).

On what he liked from the scrimmage:
I like what we did in the short yardage period. I don't know how many stops we had there but in 10 plays, we probably had six or seven stops. That's hard to do. I like that. We started doing that in the second half of the season last year.

On the performance on Saturday:
You're looking at a lot of different combinations of guys. We had a few guys in their second practice. Gionni Paul was starting at mike and it was his second practice of spring football. He missed all of the offseason program. Jimmy Gaines went to sam because of injuries. Kelvin Cain was bumped to a starter. Shayon Green moved over.

On if they're ready yet:
I don't worry about that. We're not playing games now. I wanna see them develop. I'll judge it on how physical were we, how hard did we play. Were our veteran players making mental errors or not? I'll watch the young guys and see them fly around but I know they'll still make some mistakes.

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