Golden Talks About Scrimmage Review

Al Golden and his staff reviewed the scrimmage tape from Saturday and you can read on to see what he's saying about it.

The Hurricanes held their first spring scrimmage on Saturday and head coach Al Golden talked about getting that first one out of the way.

"The first one always gives you a baseline, as a staff and for individual improvement," Golden said. "I think we learned a lot. I told the team we were better today than we were on Saturday. That was a good hard practice."

The Hurricanes practiced today for the first time since Saturday and will go again on Thursday before holding its second scrimmage.

"We'll go lighter Thursday and then another scrimmage Friday," he said. "The scrimmage can't be a separate entity. We gotta turn around and improve from it as a team."

Golden believes there's a lot of room for improvement after he and his staff reviewed the tape.

"It all needs to improve. We have to cut out mental errors in half. I saw that today. We need to have guys sow down, calm their minds, play a little faster, and we'll start to see more playmakers."

One form of mental errors he's referring to is the number of drops coming from the secondary on potential interceptions.

"They were drops," he said. "There were opportunities. It's good that we're in position to make the play but not good that we didn't finish. It was three or four times. You look at stats and don't see interceptions on offense. We have to that fixed, get more touches for our secondary."

While he'd like to see more plays coming from the secondary, he is very encouraged with the play of his linebackers right now.

"Our linebackers right now, as you guys probably know, are very active, very physical and really are being aggressive," he said.

The loss of Sean Spence at linebacker could take a big toll on Miami's defense but Golden likes what he sees.

"Even though we're younger, there are a lot more guys in the right position," he said. "We're coaching the same guys every day. I felt that way early in training camp and then we had the mess and never got the consistently back."

The Hurricanes will hold their second spring scrimmage this Friday at 6:45 pm in Fort Myers. Golden talked about that and the location of it.

"We appreciate our fan base and alumni and we want to go over there for that," he said. "For recruiting, it's brand recognition. You guys are holding down the fort on the East Coast, over there we're in the newspaper, on TV and on radio and that's great. It's great for a University to own a week over there."

So why the location switch to a couple hours away?

"There's gotta be something different about scrimmages," he said. "At the Hecht, everything's the same. There's no extra pressure to perform. When you make a mistake, we see what you guys see. We're trying to teach them to pack their bags and perform under different circumstances."

Finally, Golden was asked what position he feels more satisfied with right now.

"I don't know anywhere where it's ideal right now," he said. "We can't have the whole position disappear on us, like at quarterback or wideout. Running back was scary before we moved Dallas in there. There are a lot of positions like that – corner. We did a lot with that in recruiting. You can move a guy up. The only position I'd like to interchange more is the O-Line. We're not gonna have that vertical depth for awhile."

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