Q&A with Thomas Finnie

Thomas Finnie is one of Miami's starting cornerbacks going into the second spring scrimmage. Read on to see everything he's saying.

On Rashawn Scott:
Rashawn, he pretty good. I know he got hurt last year but he came back with a big impact. You can tell he's been working, improved, and is ready for a good season.

On his scrimmage performance:
I think I did good. I still got a lot of improving to do. I can work on my back pedal and finishing to the ball, running to the ball. I can still work on being more physical.

On having several incoming freshman corners:
I'm gonna practice hard every day and do what I gotta do and wish the others the best of luck and hope they can do what they gotta do. Competition is something I've never been scared of. I'll practice and compete every day against anyone.

On getting more picks:
Yes, that's something every defense needs to work on. Who wouldn't be?

On being physical:
I like hitting but I'm a small corner so if I see the running back running or a receiving catching the ball, I run at him before he starts running at me.

On Larry Hope:
Larry stepped up and made big plays. Hes gonna be a good corner. He's working hard every day and focusing in on the playbook.

On Friday's scrimmage:
Yes, that's fun. You get to play on a different field, go out to a different place. That'll be real fun for us. Dallas is real excited, he talks about it every day, saying we're coming to his house. He'll have a big crowd there for us.

On the quarterbacks:
The quarterbacks are pretty good. They have a lot of work to do but I think they'll all make progress.

On how this defense is different:
We're coming together more. Everyone's focusing in on Coach D'Onofrio's playcalling and how he wants us to be. We have a few safeties, not just the main two but even the two behind them. It's the same (defense). We're just gonna run it better and perfect it, that's it.

On his exact role:
I'm playing boundary. Brandon's field. I got Gunter and Larry Hope behind me. DJ (is behind McGee).

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