Q&A with Rashawn Scott

Rashawn Scott has been one of the standouts during spring football so far. Read on to see everything he's saying as he prepares for the team's second scrimmage.

On having a good spring:
I just try to keep doing the same thing over and over again so I can show the coaches that I won't take a step back. I may make a mistake but I'll go out and rep it again.

On 2011:
It was just, last year, I felt like I probably wasn't ready. It was more the playbook, not knowing it. I got frustrated, trying to figure things out, operate within the system. I feel like I have a great grasp of it now so I can play fast. I don't have to think about it. I know the plays so I just have to go out and execute them. Once I looked at the playbook I felt like it was gonna be a long year. Then I got injured and it made things worse. My mindset went down.

On lack of depth at WR:
It's a big opportunity for the receivers who came back. Me, Hurns, Phillip, and Kendal. It's great for us. We already know the playbook.

On his style of play:
My mentality is get yards and score, not just catch it and get tackled. I try to advance everything past ten yards.

On his size:
I'm the same from last year. I haven't gained any but I got a little muscle and got faster because of Swasey. He made me a lot quicker than last year. We haven't done (timing) yet.

On Tuesday's practice:
I feel I was alright, but I could have done better. I just gotta come out Thursday and do better. I'm not gonna think about last week, go in with a new mindset and try doing better than I did.

On the quarterbacks:
Some come fast, some come slower, some more accurate. We throw with them every day. I'm used to it now. If I see who's in, I change my mindset. The hardest would be Gray. He throws the hardest.

On overcoming his injury last season:
I just kept going to the training room, getting healed. Nothing too crazy. I got in the playbook more, went to the coaches, and got with Hurns and Phillip and worked on it.

On his spring:
I don't think they thought I'd come out like this. I can't really see anyone else's opinion. I surprised myself. During Christmas break, I didn't expect this to happen. I just wanted to come out, focus, and not make too many errors.

On his touchdown last scrimmage:
They were in cover 2 and we ran an under, a five yard under route. I was open and Clive Walford blocked the safety and I ran off Clive and it opened up. It felt great. It felt like high school again, kinda. It felt great.

On what he's working on:
I got a bad habit of coming up when I break down so I gotta fix that. When I'm running my route, I lift my head up so the DB knows when I'm about to break.

Al Golden on Scott:
I think I've been saying it. That's the way this kid works. If you watch him today, it's the same guy every day. He's got the work ethic, a toughness about him, and he has the skillset. He has what amounts to a rare combination. He's very consistent in what he's doing. The slant he caught for a touchdown is something that's been missing in our repertoire. He does that every day in practice. Hopefully he'll stay healthy and have continued success. He's tough enough to play special teams too. Streeter had a great year. Travis did a lot of things for us. They'll be missed but Rashawn has a great opportunity. Allen's out. Hopefully we'll be that much stronger when Allen comes back. Then we'll get five additional kids coming in.

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