McGee Back on Top

Brandon McGee started the spring buried on the depth chart. He's really starting to come around though.

Brandon McGee started for the Hurricanes all last season at cornerback. He was expected to be one of the leaders during the offseason.

That didn't happen. Instead, Al Golden challenged McGee to really step up after what Golden called a poor offseason workout program.

The talented senior started the spring buried on the depth chart at cornerback. Maybe it was a challenge to him. Whatever it was, it seems to be working.

"He's working," Golden said. "I see Brandon a little differently than maybe most guys. We have to get him having enough confidence to make plays, not freelance."

McGee now sits atop the cornerback depth chart, as he's listed as the starter at the boundary corner spot going into tomorrow's scrimmage. Golden talked about what he brings to the table.

"He has all the skillset you want," Golden said. "Now he's 190. One thing about Brandon in the scrimmage is that he was physical for the first time since I've been here. He's more confident about his body, and the physical nature of being 190."

So what's the key to getting McGee to play at a high level on a regular basis?

"We have to get him staying in the system, being more of a disruptive force, getting more interceptions," he said.

Big plays is something Golden wants to see from all of his defensive backs. He talked about how he believes that can and will happen -- especially for McGee.

"The only thing that takes you to the big plays is the execution of the system," he said. "There's a great picture of Larry Hope and Finnie in the scrimmage, Finnie's in good position and Larry breaks up the hitch route. That's making a play because you trust the system. We have to get that out of Brandon. I want him to trust Coach D'Onofrio and Coach Williams. I want him to have the confidence to finish plays."

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