Q&A with Denzel Perryman

Denzel Perryman is coming off a strong freshman season in 2011 and he was recently moved to middle linebacker. Read on to see what he's saying.

On being asked to play middle linebacker:
When they first told me I was like, how are you serious? I thought it was a joke. We went into the film and coach asked about playing mike.

On his reaction:
Me playing will and I was confused at first. I sat down with him and he told me what I had to do, what I had to be. I had to step up and play mike.

On how he feels about it:
I love it. I hope they don't change me. I'm getting into the groove, knowing everything. I love it.

On what his teammates thought:
I think most of them wanted me to play mike, tell me ‘you the man, you gotta run the defense.' Sean left and they wanted me to step up and run the defense.

On what he learned from Sean Spence:
Sean, I learned you gotta out in extra time to be the best. Sean really helped me. He knows what every linebacker had to do. You learn from him and just get a lot.

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