Defense was ahead of the offense

The defense outplayed the offense in the most recent scrimmage and head coach Al Golden talked about that.

After the offense played really well in the first scrimmage a couple weeks ago, it was the defense's turn to dominate this past Friday night. They did that and Al Golden talked about that.

"They finished better than they had," Golden said as one of the reasons for their improved play. "That means they didn't get a lot of guys not finishing plays. That equation resulted in how they played."

There were several big plays -- a few interceptions and several sacks -- and Golden credits the overall success to how hard guys were playing.

"You're seeing a lot of guys playing really physical football right now," he said. "Kacy Rodgers was doing a nice job. EJ was being physical, Finnie was being physical, Kirby, Gionni, there were some physical plays in there, of course Denzel, Curtis, Chick. We need that, we need more of that."

After seeing the defense get the better of them on Friday night the offense still responded with a strong practice on Tuesday.

"The defense won (Friday), that's it," Golden said. "We don't rub it in their face but we show them film. The offense has to respond and they did (yesterday). It was very spirited and they responded."

Golden talked about what needs to happen for the entire team to really start coming together.

"Until we're the same team and same people every game and every day, you're gonna have those," he said. "We don't want that. That's no different than being down 20-3 against UVA. What's going on? We have to develop that habit that we play at this level. I thought both sides came to play. The defense has been good a few practices in a row and the offense rebounded."

A lot of fans think it's common for the defense to be ahead of the offense at this point in the year. Golden doesn't buy into that line of thinking.

"That's urban legend," he said. "The offense threw for 300 something yards the first scrimmage. I don't think they were behind them. The defense got them this time. I'm not an excuse guy. We have to do a better job of executing on offense."

While Golden doesn't want to use excuses, he did point out that it'll be nice when the offense has some key players back.

"We were missing seven skill guys on offense (with injuries)," he said, referring to players like Stephen Morris, Phillip Dorsett, Allen Hurns, and Maurice Hagens.

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