Updated Spring Depth Chart

The University of Miami released the newest spring depth chart on Thursday and here it is.

QB: Williams, Crow, Dewey
RB: James, Clements, Crawford
FB: Harvey, James
WR: Scott, Hurns
WR: Dorsett, Thompkins
TE: Cleveland, Walford, Perry
LT: Bunche, Flowers
LG: Johnson, Lewis
C: McDermott, Wheeler
RG: Linder, Jones
RT: Henderson, Gadbois

DE: Chickillo, Williams
DE: Cain, Hoilett
DT: Smith, Robinson
DT: Porter, Pierre
MLB: Perryman, Kirby
WLB: Paul or Cornileus
SLB: Gaines, Johnson
CB: McGee or Finnie
CB: Gunter, Hope
FS: Armstrong, Rodgers
SS: Highsmith or Telemaque, Swasey

K: Wieclaw, Goudis
P: Botts, Wieclaw
KR: Dorsett, Crawford
PR: Dorsett, Crawford

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