Morris is ahead of schedule

Stephen Morris is ahead of schedule with his back surgery so read on to see what he's saying a few days before the spring game.

On the quarterback competition:
It's a very good battle. It should be very good competition. Ryan's learned a lot, as well as I have, so it should be good.

On being back in action:
I feel like I can help the team. It's something the doctors have been telling me, hold back some. It feels great to be back out there.

On how he feels:
I'm still doing everything I need to be doing – sprint out drills, taking 7 and 5 step drops, throwing the ball. My arm feels great, better than it has in a long time. I'm just getting back into the groove of things. I think going through practices and doing all my drops, that's a great thing.

On when he'll be fully healthy:
I feel when the time comes for a game situation, my body will be ready. I'll be back in the weightroom doing everything I need to do to get my body ready for game situations. I'll be fine.

On being ahead of schedule:
My schedule was just to get healthy. No matter what time that was, I didn't really have a time frame. Between me and my doctors, he said just get right and get healthy. There wasn't actually a schedule. Everything's worked out great.

On what he learned this spring:
Just the game, seeing it from the sideline from a coaching standpoint, I see what they're talking about. It makes you study the offense even more. You make sure you know the offense and that's a big thing.

On Ryan Williams:
He's a lot more mature. When he first came, he was all over the place. He knows everything now, all the reads and all the checks. Knowing he's played college football, it'll help him a lot.

On what he wants to see Saturday:
I'm just hoping to see execution. I wanna see everyone have a lot of fun, fly around, talk trash, get in peoples face, have fun. That's what it's all about. Spring is winding down so we'll have a chance to play in front of the crowd. I wish the camera was on me. It's fun talking to everybody.

On who has impressed him most this spring:
I've seen a lot in Rashawn Scott. Kendal Thompkins has his confidence up. On the line, Jermaine Johnson really stepped up and did an excellent job. Seantrel Henderson did a great job. Especially Rashawn and Kendal, I'm really excited about them.

On Scott's potential impact:
I expect him to be the starter, make the tough catchers, get the first down, and I just expect him to be dominant this year.

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