Q&A with Vaughn Telemaque

Read on to see everything senior safety Vaughn Telemaque is saying just a few days before the spring game.

A lot more people have answered the call. A lot more younger guys are getting a feel for how things are supposed to be. Things are coming together well.

On the last scrimmage:
It was just overall, how we finished the game, with them scoring. We want to keep as much points off the scoreboard. That's the focus of our defense, get off the field and get the offense back the football.

On being a second team guy:
It's a challenge. It motivates you to continue to play fast, have fun, continue getting your job done and executing your plays. Overall, you'll see yourselves getting better. The coaches are trying to improve players. Instead of going with the ones the whole spring, go with the twos, run with the younger guys. It's a motivator.

On support from teammates:
I feel like I've been improving. Guys are helping me come along – McGee, Ray, Sway, AJ. A lot of the guys stick together, do things on and off the field, influence each other in positive ways and I think that's really helping.

On getting more interceptions:
We just gotta catch the ball. Other than that, we gotta execute our defense, run our plays like we can run them. Get good rush from the line, good drops from the linebackers, and hold up in the secondary. We have to scout the tendencies and play fast.

On his play:
People around me have really helped me getting around the ball, seeing things faster. Sometimes they'll say check out this pass, I'm a little hesitant on this play. Guys are encouraging me and it's helping.

On Saturday's scrimmage:
We're gonna treat it like a real game. It's orange versus green. It's pride for the spring time. We gotta take it as a game and get the game atmosphere, challenge each other, and make plays.

On so many players leaving from last season:
It's been cool. That's part of the game. It happens everywhere. Some guys are still coming back and preparing for the draft. I can see the whole process. I know these guys on a personal level, can ask them questions, and I wish them all the best.

On the linebackers:
A lot of linebackers are going out there and being physical. The young guys are listening to their mentors and feeding off that. As long as they continue to improve, they'll be alright.

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