Williams has provided a challenge

Ryan Williams became the starter when Stephen Morris was forced to miss the spring due to injury. He's made the most of the opportunity.

Ryan Williams started almost his entire freshman season at Memphis in 2010. He's had the same amount of time in Jedd Fisch's offense as Stephen Morris. However, for whatever reason, most people believed Morris to be the starter heading into 2012. With the spring he's had, that gap is definitely very narrow now. Head coach Al Golden has been impressed with the young quarterback.

"He's really smart and anticipates throws," Golden said of Williams. "He releases the ball before receivers are open. He can see it, not much panic in him. His middle range balls right now are really good, his corner routes and his fades. His in-routes 15, 16 yards downfield, he drops them right in there."

Williams' play has even caught the attention of guys on the defensive side of the ball.

"Ryan's been going good," safety Vaughn Telemaque said. "I think he'll challenge more. He's helped mentor the younger guys. He has a good feel for the game. He's tall. He's a leader out there. He's getting better. He's taking coaching. I think Ryan will be really good for us."

Telemaque believes Williams has worked really well with the receivers over the last month or so since spring football began.

"Ryan has a great arm. He gets the ball to where they need to go. Receivers are helpful to him. We have some receivers who are fast and will run under it and we have receivers who will go up and get it."

With Morris already ruled out for Saturday's spring game, Williams will have his best opportunity yet to really make a statement heading into the summer. Golden talked about what he'd like to see from Williams on Saturday.

"Just to run the offense, to have confidence to run the offense, make good decisions with the football," Golden said.

Whichever of the three quarterbacks is in the game on Saturday, Golden wants to see plays being made.

"You can't just manage the game but have courage to make plays. They'll all get rotations with the ones on Saturday."

Williams and Morris will likely continue their quarterback competition heading into summer, with freshmen Gray Crow and Preston Dewey providing depth and competition behind them.

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