Fisch talks about the offense

Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch is going into his second year at Miami and you can see everything he's saying heading into Saturday's spring game.

On the spring:
The two young quarterbacks have shown signs of improvement and maturation and a little more confidence. I'm pushing for those guys to have more confidence, do what you've done. They were elite players in high school and you gotta feel that way. You just walk onto a college field and feel overwhelmed and it's been nice to see how they've changed there. The running backs are solid. Michael and Eduardo are doing nice there. There's not one over the other in terms of what we're gonna go with going into the summer. They'll all have a role. At receiver, Rashawn has continued to make tremendous plays. Allen is playing a little more, taking reps. That's nice to see. He has some fresh legs so it's good to see him running around. Phillip is back from his injury. Those guys are having a good camp. The surprise is how much Kendal Thompkins has contributed. The tight end position has done a nice job.

On quarterbacks not being hit:
I think the way, it's probably universal, unless teams run the spread or zone read, our quarterbacks won't get hit until the first game of the season. Sometimes there's accidental contact which I wanna avoid right now. Come training camp, we won't be worried about that. We feel good about where he's at.

On the return of Stephen Morris:
I feel the morale has been lifted because of all the other guys. They feel confident. They feel Rashawn's confidence, Asante making plays, Clive Walford making a lot of plays. He just caught a touchdown on a fade and last year I don't think he would have caught it. Michael does a great job of staying positive. We have a real positive group and it's been fun to see that.

On Saturday's scrimmage:
It's gonna be a different structure. It'll be more game like. We'll be split up in teams. We'll keep the first offense against the first defense. I expect us to move the football and score. I was disappointed we didn't score in the last scrimmage like I feel like we should have. The expectations are high for us to execute and be fundamentally sound and most importantly be a smarter, tougher, and better conditioned team.

On improving from last season:
I think we've self-scouted and decided what we did well and really tried to focus on that and improve on that. The opportunity you have in year two of the system is you can look at yourself on tape versus other teams. You can make corrections on what you did, compared to what Brandon Marshall did or how Matt Hasselbeck threw it. Now you can see it how you did it against Maryland or Kansas State.

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