Golden talks before spring game

The spring game is tomorrow so read on to see some of the things Al Golden is talking about.

On leadership:
Shayon Green has provided that for us. Chickillo will continue to provide that for us. Jimmy Gaines has been that guy for us. A lot of the young kids, Kirby and those guys, will do that. We need more out of Denzel, Ray, McGee. Porter, Ray Ray have done a good job. Guys are stepping up.

On who he expects it from:
We're getting it from a number of people, especially on offense. Chick is one of the most experienced guys on defense. He played some of the most reps. You can be a freshman leader, a sophomore leader, it doesn't matter. He has the experience.

On what he's looking for tomorrow:
I'm looking for guys who have poise on the field, who execute in situations when the lights come on and they're in the crowd. If they make a mistake, will they come back? Keep it fast, crisp, and clean. Stay healthy. I wanna keep the game plans tight, not let anyone be confused.

On any specific challenges:
The challenge to defense is make more plays, whether its interceptions or PBUs. We all should be disappointed that we're not making more plays, being more successful. Hopefully overtime, it'll gain traction. It's tough for me to judge them when they've had a few position coaches and coordinators. We need to eliminate those things and then we can be the type of team we wanna become.

On moving guys around:
I'm all for it. We used Gionni at fullback (Tuesday). You have to be a smart player. DJ has played both this spring. Your team gets better. It's not just offense to defense. It's Armbrister going from safety to mike, Cain going to end. I can go down the line. AT the end of the day, it's gonna make us a better team. I'm OK with it.

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