Fisch talks after spring game

The Hurricanes scored just one touchdown in their spring game on Saturday so read on to see what offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch was saying afterwards.

On the lack of big plays:
Those guys, we can't say they are right now because they didn't make the plays they needed to. Playmakers make plays, make the catch. They catch the ball in short yardage plays. They have the potential to be playmakers. Potential right now, but they have to fulfill it rather than later. We don't wanna hang around on potential. Phillip Dorsett, score a touchdown. Don't get run down from behind. Rashawn Scott, don't fumble. They're playmakers there but they're not there yet.

On so many false start penalties:
There were a couple things. I don't think they heard guys as well. The wind was blowing and I don't think our guys heard the cadence. Our guys were a little unsure at times. Guys were jittery because it was their first time playing in this stadium, or the first time playing there in awhile. We were just a little jittery but that's not how we're gonna play football.

On the offensive line:
I feel good with them. I wish we had all five of them. Now, we're down really two of them. We were down Jonathan Feliciano and then we were down Jermaine Johnson. We gotta play as a unit, quite simply. The best teams I've been around are the healthiest. We have to make sure we're a healthy football team.

On Eduardo Clements:
I think Eduardo's where we thought he'd be. I don't think anyone thought he'd beat Michael James. I don't think anyone thought he'd come in there…..we thought he'd be a consistent runner who did what we asked him to do. He did a good job with it and that didn't change. He did it again today. He's consistent. Now it's a matter of, someone's gotta step up. At every position group, someone's gotta be the man and well see who does that.

On what they learned today:
I learned that our offense line understands a lot better what we're trying to get done. Our cutting was better. As we get into training camp, we're going to run the football really well. They learned how to work really well together.

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