Golden recaps the spring game

The Hurricanes held their spring game today and you can read on to see what head coach Al Golden was saying after it.

On the spring game:
It was good for us to get back out in this environment. The quarterbacks needed it because those three guys had never played in there before. We'll learn a lot. I was pleased with the way the defense ran to the ball. I thought we were physical. We need playmakers to make plays. I think Brandon McGee making that kind of play is what we're looking for from him. That's a lot of hard work that went into that for Brandon. Denzel did a nice job getting the defense aligned. We did a nice job of applying pressure. On offense, we made too many mistakes but we had a chance to come back and make a play late in the game. I don't get too high and too low in a game like this. We know where we are as a unit, as a position, and as a team. We'll go from there and start the next phase on Monday.

On the incoming freshman group:
It's like us sitting in this room right now and then adding 30 people. It will get crowded. Those guys understand they have an opportunity. Our system is based on competition in every aspect. In our program, guys here know there were a lot of empty chairs around them that will be filled. On offense and at cornerback, we'll have three deep finally and we haven't had that. At some places, we barely have two deep. I think there's gonna be a lot of competition and a great opportunities. I don't mean to disrespect but they're young but that doesn't mean they can't be good, can't execute, can't help us win.

On the offense:
I thought we made a lot of improvements. I thought we made a lot of progress. No Jermaine Johnson today, no Hagens today, no Feliciano, no Hurns, no Cory White, no Stephen Morris. There are a lot of guys not there, including five wide receivers and two running backs coming. There will be a lot more competition in that room come August. Our guys here know it and guys coming in know it. We're ready to move to the next phase, which is summer, and see how we can improve.

On the offensive mistakes:
I'm not an excuse guy. I gotta do a better job getting them ready to play if they're not focused. We'll do that. For a lot of guys, they're in that setting for the first time in a long time. They gotta get to the point where they just relax and make those plays. Some of those drops today, there's no doubt, if you watch the last few scrimmages, they had not been characteristic so we gotta get that cleaned up.

On the defense:
I'd love for us to be more productive on both sides. It's tough. I thought the defense did a nice job, ran to the ball, didn't give up many explosive plays. They didn't give up many in the run game. Again, the offense needs to have more guys convert when they have opportunities. Clive had an opportunity. Rashawn had two. We didn't convert. Hopefully we'll learn from this and move forward.

On the defense dominating:
I think the defense has an advantage for sure. Certainly, the injuries we've had on offense put us behind the ball a little bit. It made us thrust some guys into situations when they shouldn't be taking as many reps as they have. Again, there's no excuses, we have to execute better.

On Jermaine Johnson:
We just held him out. He'll be fine. He doesn't require a surgery or anything. We just wanted to hold him out.

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