Q&A with Olsen Pierre

Olsen Pierre is fresh off a very good spring game performance. Read on to see everything he's saying heading into the summer.

On how much tougher things were this spring:
Marcus Forston, Ojomo, and them, they had a lot of weight on their shoulders. They tell us every day, we just gotta do it. Practice has been hard. I think we have the hardest practices in the nation. This is a fight. We're gonna get better.

On the U-Tough difference in 2012 compared to 2011:
Last year we did U-Tough, nobody wanted to be out there. People were like ‘dang' and now the whole mindset changed. Everyone wanted to be there. We were hungry. We knew what we could have been.

On improving from 2011:
We went 6-6 but Al Golden showed us all the plays we missed on. We could have won 10. Everyone has bought in. All the conditioning has really helped.

On the workouts:
Coach Swasey makes you put in a lot of hard work with lifting and conditioning. Some were running gassers.

On how they've changed:
I felt like last year was long. It was the first year. People were always wondering what was coming next. Now, we know the summer's gonna be hard. We know what the next play call is. We're better prepared now and that's because of the coaches we have preparing us.

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