Q&A with Phillip Dorsett

Read on to see what sophomore wide receiver Phillip Dorsett is saying now that spring football is finished.

On the offense:
I like the offense right now They didn't wanna show much (in the game), open it up. They wanted to give us some of our bread and butter plays and see how we executed against our own defense.

On how much of the offense they showed:
I really don't know. All our plays that we run every day in practice, that's what Coach Fisch wants us doing, to see if we can execute them. Those are the plays we're gonna go with in the game so we wanna see how it goes.

On his long play in the scrimmage:
It was just a little hitch route. As soon as I caught it, I saw green grass and I tried doing what I could with it.

On how pleased he was with the offense:
We didn't really try going out to show much. I'm pleased overall with the offense and the quarterbacks.

On what he's working on most now:
Being more physical off the line, getting off press coverage. That's what Coach McDonald wants me focusing on because I'll be playing outside a lot more this season.

On Rashawn Scott's spring:
Rashawn had a great performance this spring. Coach McDonald put a lot of pressure on him to be a go to guy with Hurns out. He had to step up and he stepped up big time.

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