Q&A with Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams was the starting quarterback for all of spring football. Read on to see what he's saying now that spring is over.

On the young quarterbacks:
I saw a little bit. I thought they had good command of the offense. They made a few mistakes but you gotta expect that. They're still young and they're still learning.

On the difference for him this year:
Last year was more of a learning time, to sit back and watch the older players, trying to pick up on what Jacory does, what Stephen does. Now it's time to put it into action and get on the field.

On learning from Jacory:
You definitely see Jacory the way he handled the media, the fans. Even if he wasn't playing bad, he was great at that. Any outside factors didn't influence his game. He'd just come as the same person week in and week out on the field. He was always motivated and excited. I tried to get some of that. I haven't played yet so I'm not sure how the fans are gonna react.

On the expectations on him:
When you come from down here, the fans know you're from the area and they expect more of you if you come from down here. South Florida is one of the hot spots for high school football players. They expect us to come in and carry the legacy that they grew up watching, the players who came before us.

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