Q&A with Rashawn Scott

Rashawn Scott had one of the best springs of anyone on the entire team. Read on to see what he's saying now that spring football is over.

On the offense in the spring game:
A lot of things got messed up. We gotta look at film. That wasn't all we got. We came up short.

On his two drops and fumble:
It just wasn't being disciplined and holding the ball tight, holding it out loose when I made the cut instead of holding it tight. I gotta work on that. And I short armed the other one. That was just a mental mistake by me.

On the fumble play:
When I caught the ball, I tucked it on the wrong side, instead of near the sideline. When I tried to cut over, it wasn't tight. I was just focused on what was front of me so he got me from the back and knocked it from my hands.

On his spring performance:
I was happy but it was more like more should be happening. I should have been 100 percent from the get go. There is still a lot more to accomplish.

On the quarterbacks:
Ryan Williams is a great quarterback. We're all gonna go out and run more routes together. He's a great quarterback and I feel like Ryan can throw hard and he's an accurate quarterback.

On the offense in the spring:
It was a great spring. A lot of things are gonna happen. We still have a lot of work to do. I dropped a few passes and fumbled so there's still a lot more to do.

On the offensive mistakes in the spring game:
Everything happened too fast. People were thinking too hard and not focusing on the play and not executing what we studied over the weeks.

On the wind being a factor that day:
It was pretty windy. I had to really focus on the ball and when it goes in the air, you don't know if it's gonna be short or high, which happened a lot. That's no excuse for dropping the ball though.

Al Golden on Scott:
I think Rashawn's had a really good spring. Clearly, he had a drop today and the ball taken away after a big play. I don't think he'll get down. I know how he's gonna work every day. He knows what we expect from him. He's a young kid, has learned a lot, had a great offseason, a great spring, and I think he'll carry the momentum into the summer.

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